Rental Process

In choosing Dutch Renting to rent out your property, we recognise that you are placing your trust in us. To get to know each other, we'll look to make an appointment with you and explain our services, detail who are typical tenants are, discuss the current rental market conditions, and set expectations.

We look to provide you with a screened and reliable (expat) tenant, regular rental income, and a hassle-free process.

We Listen

Most importantly, we would like to hear about your plans: are you looking for a tenant for a fixed period while working abroad, are you looking for rental income from an investment property?

Our approach

Orientation discussion and advice

  • We'll make an appointment at your convenience, either at your property or, if you prefer, at our office. We'll walk you through our services and our fees, the possibilities and restrictions relating to rental regulations, and provide a indication of the rental income of your property. This is an orientation discussion only. There are no costs involved and you are under no obligation to use Dutch Renting's services.


  • Professional quality photographs will help your property stand out in a competitive rental landscape.
  • If you do not already have good images, Dutch Renting will photograph your property ready for presentation to candidate tenants.
  • Dutch Renting will provide advice on how to prepare your property for a photo shoot to ensure that it is captured in the best light possible.


  • We use a mix of online (Internet) and offline promotion.
  • Online: in addition to being advertised on our own website, your property will also be advertised on the most popular websites in The Netherlands including Pararius.
  • Offline: your property will also be promoted in our own business network, expat communities and on relevant social media.
  • Our goal is to create maximum exposure in channels matching the profile of clients suited to your property.


  • We will conduct accompanied viewings at your property with candidate tenants.
  • In the case that we have a set of keys available, viewings can be planned in more flexibly and on short notice.

Tenant Screening

  • For each tenant - prior to finalising a rental agreement - we require them to provide a copy of their passport, proof of salary or income, and proof of employment status.

Rental agreements

  • If it important that the rental agreements reflect both the requirements of the landlord and of the tenant.
  • At Dutch Renting, we will carefully review the concept rental agreement with you before finalising to ensure that the security and flexibility you are looking for is reflected in the contract.


  • A problem free check-out begins with a well-documented check-in.
  • Dutch Renting is present at the check-in to verify and document the condition of the property at the start of the tenancy in an inspection report. This report will provide the basis at the check-out for any discussions on damage, replacements, repairs and cleaning.

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